Thursday, September 20, 2007

BBQ Rants: Regional Differences

Below is an excellent, if brief, overview of regional differences in BBQ sauces. It is copied with permission from

Within the United States, for example, most experts break down recipes according to nine regions, each having its own slant on what constitutes the perfect barbeque sauce recipe. These regions include:

North Carolina and Virginia
South Carolina
Smoky Mountains
Northern Alabama
Midwest and Plains

In the North Carolina and Virginia regions, the ideal barbeque rib recipe includes a thin vinegar sauce containing black pepper, sugar, and crushed pepper. In South Carolina, on the other hand, a barbeque sauce recipe consists of vinegar sauces and sweet mustard.

In the Smoky Mountains region, a barbeque sauce recipe should be thin and include sugar, tomato, vinegar, and ketchup. Georgia, on the other hand, creates a thin sauce made with vinegar, tomato, and mustard.

Moving a little further south to Florida, a barbeque rib recipe will have a tomato base with lime and lemon juice added. In Northern Alabama, however, a white barbeque is the preference. In order to make this barbeque sauce recipe "white", mayonnaise is used as the base.

Kentucky likes their barbeque sauce to be a little darker. As such, they use vinegar as well as Worcestershire sauce in their barbeque rib recipe.

If spicy is more your thing, a Texas barbeque sauce recipe may be in order. Here, a tomato base is used with a variety of hot peppers added to the mix. The Midwest and Plains region also likes their sauce to be a bit spicy, but the tomato base is usually thicker than in other regions, and a bit sweeter as well.


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