Thursday, January 31, 2008

CONTEST: Win Free Sauce!!

Win some free sauce!

The good people at Woody’s Foods are providing the readers of the Home of BBQ with the chance to win some free sauce, tee shirts and more.

Three winners will be chosen. First place will receive a jar of each of Woody’s sauces, a tee shirt, other material from Woody’s Food and some extra goody’s from me. Second place will receive a free bottle of sauce, a tee shirt and some extra swag. Third place will win a bottle of sauce and a tee shirt.

We pay for everything, shipping and all.

So how do you win? Simple, visit Woody’s Cook-in Sauces site and send me (via the contact form at the bottom of this page) the answers to the following question:

What is the first question in their FAQ?

One entry per person, per question. New questions will be up on February 15th. Contest ends on March 1st. Please leave your contact info so we can let you know if you won.

Want to know more about Woody’s sauces? Watch this site for reviews or visit Woody’s Food’s site by clicking on the link in the right column under Contest Sponsors.

Contest available for those within the continental U.S., our apologies to our readers from outside the U.S.

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