Monday, January 28, 2008

RANT: Free Rice

I realize that this is not exactly a BBQ related topic, but it does involve food and I feel that it deserves to be promoted.

Since close to its inception, I have been visiting a site called Free Rice. The site is subsidized by corporate partners that run simple ads on the bottom of the screen. Free Rice is a vocabulary building tool that provides 20 grains of rice to those in need every time you answer a vocabulary question correctly.

When you first log in the site will ask you four questions to gauge your current vocabulary level. Every time you answer 3 questions correctly your level will go up by one. Whenever you get a question wrong, your level will go down by one. The site is extremely addictive.

So, while you are enjoying yourself and building your vocabulary, you are helping to put food in the hands that need it desperately.

Check them out.

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