Thursday, January 24, 2008

REVIEWS: Rufus Teague Meat Rub

Rufus Teague’s Meat Rub

Manufacturer Rufus Teague


Quality **** (4 out of 5)
Aroma ***** (5out of 5)
Appearance ***** (5 out of 5)

Everything in this world is about allocation of resources. How much time/money/interest do I want to devote to X instead of Y. Most BBQ rub and sauce companies spend considerable time and effort coming up with logos, quips and funny names for their products. Uncle Kosmos’ Krazy Greek Dry Rub or Dante’s Rings of Hell BBQ Sauce or maybe Texas Pete’s Butt Smokers, all of which are made by a guy in the Bronx.

It is clear that Rufus Teague believes in counter programming. Their rub? It’s called ‘Meat Rub’. That’s it. No clever allusions. No witty wordplay. Just… Meat Rub. So what do they do with the time and money saved on marketing? They clearly spend it on making a kick-butt (pun intended) rub.

The Meat Rub is a pleasant surprise. I used it on a picnic butt that was cooked over cherry. It was intended to be pulled and used for sandwiches. The pork was cooked at 225 for hours and hours with just the rub and the wood smoke.

Why was the rub a surprise? The aromatics weren’t as strong as I’m used to and a tasting of the rub alone didn’t offer the impression that a significant flavor would be imparted. I was clearly wrong. Very wrong. The final taste was not overpowering and wouldn’t even be considered to be strong, but it was excellent, subtle and addictive.

As I mentioned, the meat was meant to be served as pulled pork. After letting it rest for about twenty minutes, I picked off a piece of the bark and popped it in my mouth. Big mistake. “hmmm, nice but not too much there’ I thought to myself. Then I tried another piece. And another. After about 5 minutes standing their like a zombie and sampling the meat as it sat on the counter I realized that I underestimated the rub.

The rub is a nice, dark orange color and comes in a plastic bottle. It can be ordered on their website (see above) and found at many specialty shops.

I highly recommend Rufus Teague’s Meat Rub.

(btw, the pulled pork sandwiches were a hit)

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Jared said...


Interesting to see how many different rubs there are out there. I don't really think it makes sense for me to make my own as while I make BBQ fairly frequently, I don't make it in big quantities. Saw that you recommended rufus', wondering if you have any other recommendations. On the sauce front, I really like bonesuckin sauce. It's a little thinner than most but it tastes really good. It is hard to find a good natural sauce in the supermarket. Hoping you have some recommendations on that front as well.

Eric Devlin said...


Thanks for the comments!

We will be reviewing more rubs in the future, but for now we are concentrating on sauces. You should be seeing at least two sauce reviews a week for a while. I'll try to bump an all natural sauce to the top of the list for you.

I haven't tried Bone Suckin' sauce yet, but I've heard good things. I don't mind the thinner sauces at all. They are better on sandwiches, as the bread will help the sauce to adhere to the meat, but I kind of get tired of the super-thick KC styles.