Sunday, February 10, 2008


If you are a member of the Kansas City BBQ Society or are considering becoming a member you should be aware that there has been a recent proposal by a member of the Board of Directors to enact a policy where someone can not run for the Board if they are related to someone currently serving.

This policy has generated a considerable debate, with those opposed to the proposal claiming that as reasoning adults they don’t need or want restrictions on who they can vote for. This website supports that position but respects anyone who cares enough to make their voice heard.

There are many claims being made by people on both sides of the fence regarding the ethical behavior of those involved. I don’t believe that all the facts are available to the public and until that changes I believe that we owe everyone the benefit of the doubt. I would respectfully request that you make up your mind based solely on whether or not you believe in the proposal itself and allow your voice to be heard by voting in the poll here: KCBS POLL

Again, it is my contention that this policy is not necessary and would indeed be detrimental. My reasons are as follows:

A) The membership of the KCBS has the choice to vote AGAINST anyone that they believe would be involved in cronyism.

B) Two of the founders of the KCBS were a married couple.

C) The person who is now serving whose tenure instigated the discussion was the top vote recipient in the most recent election.

D) There is a mechanism in place for the Board to remove someone that they believe are behaving unethically.


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