Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Peoples BBQ Choice Award

photo by Curt McAdams, copyright 2007, all rights reserved

On May 31st this site will be cooking up a bunch of 'Q for regular folks and hosting a 'Peoples BBQ Choice' tasting party. We will be providing an array of sausages and BBQ sauces for the guests and they will be offering their votes on who is the 'Peoples Choice'. The winning manufacturer will receive notice on this site that will stay up until our next 'Peoples Choice' contest, a plaque and a letter of congratulations.

I feel that the Home of BBQ often overlooks the casual BBQ fan and emphasizes the concerns of the hardcore enthusiast. This contest is an effort to rectify that oversite. The palette of the every day fan isn't overburdened by preconceptions of what 'true' BBQ should be. They know what they like. There is a purity to that outlook and it shouldn't be derided.

We will have some of the biggest names in the business involved in the contest. In the Sausage tasting there will be both a 'standard' and a 'specialty' category.

The sauces will parallel the sausage categories, but the 'standard' will be KC styles.

The results and photos will be posted during the first week in June.

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