Friday, June 6, 2008

REVIEW: Chile Grill and Corer

Chile Grill and Corer
: Iron Desert
Overall Quality: ****

I’m a bit old fashioned and set in my ways. Why change something that works? New fangled contraptions are great for some people, but I’m becoming a curmudgeon that sits in a rocker on my front porch talking about how great things used to be. Where is this going and why should you care? Well, I recently had the chance to try out some equipment specifically made for the creation of ABT’s.

As we have discussed in the past, ABT’s are jalapeños that have been cored, stuffed (usually with a cheese mixture), wrapped in bacon and smoked. These delicious appetizers are a staple for BBQ enthusiasts and can be found at most get-togethers. I’ve been making ABT’s for quite a while and using various recipes for the stuffing. I thought that I had a solid technique and I was under the impression that I had some skills. Notice the past tense.

I received a jalapeno corer and a holder from Iron Desert and I used them for the tasting party at the 2008 Peoples Choice BBQ Awards. Using the equipment from Iron Desert is like stepping up from a sporty family car to a porche. My usual method of preparation is to use a small, thin knife to core the pepper, lance four of them on a stick used for kabobs and place the stick on an aluminum pan. Works well, no problems.

I will never, ever make them that way again. The coring knife removes the seeds and immediate inner layer of the pepper with ease and efficiency. Look at the accompanying photos and notice how clean the inside of the peppers are. There was no going back and re-coring the peppers if I missed an area. No problems with removing seeds. It was a one time rotation of the pepper and you’re done.

The grill holds the peppers nicely and most importantly, it’s convenient. There is no slipping, no mess, no attempting to balance the peppers on the stick. The grill allows the peppers to be entered and removed easily. It’s not out of place to mention that the grill is also a much more attractive holder for the pepper than other methods. If aesthetics at your party matter, this is the way to go. The grill is durable and washes easily.

The grills are available in various sizes (holding different amounts of peppers) and shapes (such as states). They are available via mail-order from Iron Desert.

I can’t recommend these products highly enough. This equipment belongs in every BBQ’rs repertoire.

I also have their ABT recipe cookbook and I will be using those recipes and commenting on them at a later date.


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snarky said...

I tried these ABT's and they were amazing! The holder made it easy to serve and a snap to grab one! It is a wonderful way to make ABT's. Thanks for introducing me to this product!