Tuesday, July 29, 2008

REVIEW: Mrs. Dog's Chipotle Salt

Mrs. Dog’s Chipotle Salt

Manufacturer: Mrs. Dog’s

Website: www.mrsdogs.com

I was lucky enough to receive a jar of Mrs. Dog’s Chipotle Salt from a friend a few months ago. To be honest, I’m surprised that I have any left. I use salt very, very sparingly so I still have a bit left in the jar. Having at least some left is a very good thing. This has become a new staple for my seasoning shelf.

As I received it as a gift, I have no idea how the customer service is at Mrs. Dog’s. If it approaches the quality of the product, then I’ll have no complaints. They sell a 4 oz. jar for $3.95. Four ounces will last you a good while.

The product has more than chipotle and salt as ingredients, but those are the primary flavors that come through. Some quick tasting and a little experimenting will help you gauge when and where to use it. This is an amazing product that deserves as much publicity as it can get. Use it where you would salt and at the same rate that you would use salt and you should be fine.

The three main uses that I have for the chipotle salt are using it on steak prior to grilling, using it on hard boiled eggs and using it on corn on the cob.

We grilled up some corn tonight and whipped up some melted butter with cumin. After grilling the corn for about ten minutes or so, we peeled the husks, added the butter mix and then sprinkled on some chipotle salt. Excellent.

Remember to soak the corn for at least fifteen minutes prior to grilling.