Monday, November 10, 2008

Interview: Linda Mullane - KCBS Election

Linda Mullane is on the Board of Directors for the Kansas City BBQ Society. With the impending KCBS elections, we thought that we should ask Linda how the process works. She was kind enough to supply us with answers to our questions.

As a side note, Linda is NOT up for reelection this year and is therefore not running.

Q. If I’m a prospective member of the KCBS, when would I need to join by in order to be able to vote?

A. December 16th, by 11:59 PM.

Q. How are members notified who the candidates are?

A. The candidates are listed on the KCBS.US website

Q. How many candidates are there and how many positions are open?

A. We currently have 6 candidates with 4 positions.

Q. How many of the candidates are people who are running for reelection?

A. 3 of the candidates are running for re-election, Don Harwell, Wayne Lohman and Merl Whitebook. Troy Black has elected not to seek re-election

Q. What is the process for casting votes for the candidates?

A. Voting will be done online as it was in the past, Members will receive an email on Jan

2 with instructions on voting. Paper ballots are also available through the KCBS office.

Q. How can the membership find out what the positions of a candidate are?

A. The questionnaire that was sent to all of the candidates will be posted on the KCBS website and in the Bullsheet in December.

Q. If a member would like to contact a candidate for clarification of their positions, how would they go about it?

A. Most of the questionnaires I have seen have contact information on them. Any of the current board members can be contacted through the KCBS emails listed on the KCBS website.

Q. Once the ballots are cast, when will the winners be announced?

A. Online voting begins Jan 2nd and runs until Midnight Jan 16th. The results will be announced LIVE at the Annual Banquet in Nashville TN on Jan 24th.