Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Review: Smoky Mtn. Sweet and Spicy

Smoky Mountain Beef Jerky

Manufacturer: Magnolia Jerky

Flavor: Sweet and Spicy

Weight: Four Ounces


Flavor: 4

Aroma: 4

Texture: 3.5

Appearance: 3.5

Packaging: 3

Ratings range from 1 to 5

It seems that Magnolia Jerky makes both the Smoky Mountain and Jay’s Jerky brands of jerky. I have only tried the Smoky Mountain version. The jerky comes in a transparent plastic bag that is roughly 6” by 4”. The label on the bag has a basic, rustic appeal Although the bag lacks the sleek and dynamic coloring of large, corporate jerky products, it allows you to actually see the product that you will be purchasing and eating.

Repeated from our review of their Cajun flavor

This is our third review of a Smoky Mountain Jerky product. One thing has become abundantly clear, they believe in truth in advertising. Each of the names for the specific flavors are very accurate descriptors. The Cajun offers hints of Louisiana and the Sweet and Spicy hits and scores on both accounts.

It should be noted that the heat is fairly intense. For me, it’s fantastic. For some relatives and friends, it would be near inedible (or at the least, they would need to enjoy the jerky in extreme moderation).

The aroma is very pleasing and is strong enough to be enjoyed without being overpowering. Hints of the heat are more prevalent than those of the sweetness.

The jerky strikes a precarious balance between the heat and the spice. Neither outweighs the other. The flavors are enjoyable when you attempt to isolate them but they also work extremely well together. The ‘Flavor’ score above would have been higher if the intensity of the sweetness and the heat allowed more of the natural flavor of the meat to shine through.

This jerky is another winner and I highly recommend it.