Thursday, December 11, 2008

Review: Country Bob's Cookbook

The Original Country Bob’s Cookbook

Pages: 96

Author: Country Bob’s

Editing: Favorite Recipes Press

What an odd book. I’m not quite sure how to encapsulate Country Bob’s Cookbook, but ‘charming’ would be a good place to start. The things that would normally work against a cookbook are some of this books greatest successes.

The book is anachronistic, with recipes and a style that seems reminiscent of the 1970’s. Thankfully, only the positives were pulled from cookbooks of that era. There is no kitsch or retro feel. The authors and company are overtly Christian. The messages contained in the book (through selective and non-intrusive quotes from the Bible) do nothing to detract and don’t brush up against proselytizing. The book is fairly brief at 96 pages, but it doesn’t skimp on content. Each recipe provides you with all the information you need and they don’t take cheap short cuts like using oversized fonts.

Another word that would help to describe Country Bob’s Cookbook would be ‘lush’. The photos are clear, crisp and appetizing. The cover is elegant, with a black background and gold lettering. This is a hardcover book featuring thick, rich ragstock interior first and last pages.

The recipes are clearly designed to highlight Country Bob’s products, specifically their All Purpose Sauce. As you may remember from an earlier review on the Home of BBQ, the All Purpose Sauce is excellent and lives up to it’s name. Although they very well may be, the recipes don’t feel as if they were designed to highlight the sauce (or other Country Bob’s ingredients). The inclusion feels natural and organic.

The recipes are not haute cuisine. You’re not going to need a degree from the CIA to create the food found in this book. These are good, tasty recipes for families and parties.

Beautiful photos start off each section. A couple of the photos are a little dark, but that appears to be by design, allowing for interplay of shadow and light. I would have preferred a simpler, fully lit display of the food, but that’s a minor complaint.

Appetizers, soups and snacks are covered in the first section. Recipes for cheeseballs, chicken wings and dips are found here. Grilling is up next, with sauces, marinades, burgers and more. Following grilling is the Main Dishes section, with the likes of roasts and Tahiti Chicken. The book finishes up with a Desserts section, featuring cakes, frozen salads and more.

If you have the opportunity to get your hands on a copy of Country Bob’s Cookbook, do yourself a favor and do so. You won’t be disappointed.


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