Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Review: Fatman's Green Chile Jerky

Fatman’s Beef Jerky

Manufacturer: Red Meat Foods, LLC

Flavor: Green Chile

Weight: sample package


Flavor: 4

Aroma: 2.5

Texture: 5

Appearance: 4

Packaging: 2 (sample package)

Ratings range from 1 to 5

Much like our previous review of the Jalapeno Lime jerky by Fatman’s, the aroma is very mild here. The scent of the flavorings is so mild as to almost be unnoticeable. What stands out is the aroma of the meat, and event that is subdued. I’m not noting this as a fault, which is why the ‘Aroma’ ranking is right down the middle.

The lack of prominence in this category makes me wonder what other manufacturers are doing to ‘bulk up’ the aroma of their jerky. If Fatman’s is the natural state for jerky aromatics (as they are clearly not doing anything to bolster their aroma profile), what does that mean? Should I be concerned about what other manufacturers are adding to their jerky? Are my expectations built on an artificial and forced aroma? Is this pushing me past nuances and subtleties that I should be picking up?

I’ll be considering these questions as we continue our explorations of jerky.

The slices of meat were thin and remarkably lacking in fat and sinew. The texture was excellent. It was a little crisp, had some ‘chew’ to it and avoided that type of resistance that sometimes makes you think that you are eating a dog’s chew toy. The sizes varied of course, but the average was about 2.25” wide by 1.5” long. Deep reddish brown in color, the jerky was visually attractive. *Repeated from our previous review

A green label with black lettering adorns the sample package. Extremely bare boned, it doesn’t do much to catch the eye. There is a small caricature of a chef on the top right of the label, but that is the only bit of flair on display.

I’m not sure if a jerky could be called ‘delicate’. If that is ever appropriate, it would be here. The flavors are well balanced between the meat and the chile. The initial taste is of the meat, which slowly fades as the chile flavor gains prominence. Of the jerky brands that I have tried to date, Fatman’s has the least impactful flavor from soy sauce. The benefits of the soy reside in the background allowing the meat and chile to shine through.

The heat is mild and wouldn’t rise to the level of a ‘burn’ at all. It has a nice duration and lingers after the other flavors are gone. The flavor is truly reminiscent of green chile’s and brings to mind that the manufacturer is located in New Mexico.

This is another winner and I enjoyed it a bit more than the Jalapeno Lime.


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