Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ramblings: The Future of BBQ - Did You Know?

The Future of BBQ

We have recently reviewed a few books that dealt with the history of BBQ. Let’s turn our heads in the other direction for a moment and take a look at what is ahead. What can we expect to see in 20 or 40 years?

Sophisticated trend analysis and dedicated prognostication has led me to see the following developments (ok, I’m guessing):

1) Bioengineered pigs

I believe that we can look forward to pigs that are genetically designed for taste and size. Swine eugenics will lead to tasty BBQ for the masses. Can we dare to hope for a pig with all ribs as tender as the babybacks? Scientists today are laying the groundwork for science/gastronomy of tomorrow.

2) Enhanced Appearance

Nanotechnology will help the incompetent to play at a higher level. Want a thicker bark? No problem. Want a deeper smoke ring? Got it.

3) Texture

Concerned about having enough time to properly cook a brisket? Back we go to nanotechnology. Dissolving hearty tissue and softening meat will be enhanced by technology, leaving artistry in the past.

4) Taste

In 40 years marinades and FAB will seem as primitive as youtube aficionados making videos of ribs being boiled. Sauces and rubs will be akin to ambrosia before the opening of Pandora’s Box. Better BBQ through chemistry will not only perfect the balance of flavors but will also stimulate the palette in a more natural and effective way than MSG or FAB.

5) Cooking

Stokers and Gurus will develop to the point where they will practically have a robot that will deliver your turn-ins for you. Eventually we will see a clear dichotomy between the cooks who barely look at their meat and the die hards working on their UDS’s and other home made equipment.

Ok, is this a pipe dream? Maybe. But maybe not. I saw this video and it was pretty enlightening. If, like me, you barely give any thought to the topics that obsess futurists, it’s worth a look. Maybe two.