Monday, March 9, 2009

Ramblings: BBQ Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

The weekend before last we were the lucky recipients of more than 12” of snow. This past weekend we had weather in the 60’s. That’s the hallmark of the start of Spring here in the north east.

I smoked a couple of Bacon Explosion variants and grilled up a bunch of hamburgers on Saturday. While using the snow as a safe place to hold the hot charcoal chimney, I realized that it was time to start getting serious about prepping for grilling weather.

Step One: Assess Your Equipment

Does anything need to be replaced? Are the hoses for the propane on your gas grill fully intact? Does the igniter still work? What’s the condition of your charcoal chimney (mine was horrible)? Has water gotten into your any of your thermometers?

Step Two: Tightening it Up

How are your grills structurally? Is there a handle loose? Do you need to tighten the legs on your WSM? Is the ash sweeper moving smoothly?

Step Three: Cleaning

There are a number of sites out there that offer specific and excellent advice for cleaning your grills. Derrick Riches of has a great article on general cleaning found here.

What about rusting? A light sanding and a trip to your local hardware store for high temp paint will take care of that.

Looking to get the shine back on those cooking grates? A trip to any BBQ supply store will offer both new grates for most grills and solvents specifically made for cleaning BBQ grates. If you have none near you, check online for stores such as these.

Step Four: Tools

If you are checking out your equipment, you might as well take a look at your tools.

Go over your spatulas, forks, brushes, baskets, rib racks, abt holders and the rest. Make sure that they are cleaned and in good working order.

Step Five: Start Cooking!

Get out there and do some grilling or BBQ’ing.


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