Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review: Texas Cook Book

Texas Cook Book

By: Unknown

Pages: 94

Publisher: Golden West Publishers


Texas Cook Book is a small, spiral bound compilation of recipes that is part of Golden West Publishers ‘Cooking Across America’ series. There is no author listed for the book, but there are numerous attributions for individual recipes. Although it’s not spelled out, it seems that the recipes are culled from other sources, such as reader submissions or from organizations (such as the Texas Pecan Growers Association).

There is a certain peril in assuming that this is going to be similar to other cookbooks that are written by acknowledged experts in their field. There is no uniform style here. The level of writing, themes and quality of the recipes can vary wildly. Some recipes were extremely original and innovative, and others seemed vaguely anachronistic.

There is a colloquial feel that permeates the book. Although it isn’t as refined as other cook books that delve into the same topic matter, the book leaves the impression of sharing with the reader what actual Texans eat. I would imagine that if you had a giant pot-luck dinner in the center of Texas and invited friends from throughout the state, the food offered would be a close analogue to what is found in this book. That being the case, I consider Texas Cook Book to be a success.

The book retails for $9.95 and would be a perfect fit for outlets such as tourist attractions and roadside stops in Texas. There are about 1.5 recipes per page and they run the gamut of breakfast to desserts. There is significant BBQ section. Also of particular interest to our readers would be the chili section and the various side dish recipes.

As long as you know what you are purchasing, there is value to be found here. If getting a glimpse into what the average family in another part of the country is of interest to you, this book is for you.


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