Friday, July 3, 2009

Review: BIGS Sunflower Seeds

BIGS Sunflower Seeds

Regular readers will note that we periodically feature a ‘non-BBQ roundup’. Today we are concentrating on a bacon theme, starting with BIGS Bacon Salt flavored sunflower seeds.

These are sunflower seeds that are in the shell and have the exact same flavor as found in Bacon Salt (click here for our review of Bacon Salt). Let’s start with the basics. They are delicious. The flavor of bacon mixed with the nutty earthiness of the sunflower seeds quickly becomes addictive.

If marketed properly, I can easily see these becoming as ubiquitous on the competition BBQ circuit as beer and ABT’s. Sitting around a smoker watching temps at 2:00 am and spitting the shells into an ash bucket somehow feels right. It has that rustic, timeless appeal that matches a cooking method that takes up to 14 hours to cook a piece of meat.

Here’s the kicker. For those of us that are fighting the battle of the bulge, you can sit down and eat these for an hour and consume a couple of ounces. I wouldn’t be surprised if you burn more calories in the eating then you consume. That’s important to note, as once you start eating them you can’t stop.

There are currently 5 flavors available. The plain is what you would expect, slightly salty, with the traditional flavor of unadulterated sunflower seeds. The Bacon Salt flavor mirrors the Bacon Salt seasoning. The Dill Vlasic Pickle is an odd flavor. Not bad, just a different. I haven’t wrapped my head around it enough to render an opinion yet. The Zesty Ranch seeds have a milder flavor than the Bacon Salt, but are no less addicting. The Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing style is designed to give the seeds a kick without overpowering the flavor.

The seeds come in a 5.35 oz. bag and let me assure you, that is plenty. It’s impossible to consume the bag in one or two sittings. The seeds themselves are huge. Chernobyl huge. As such, they are a great medium for the various flavors. The bag comes with a convenient resealable top.

I have to confess that until trying BIGS I had never even conceived of flavored sunflower seeds. I’ve clearly been missing out. I was sort of hoping that the BIGS website had an ‘under development’ section, but alas, it was not to be. I would have liked to peak behind the curtain to see what flavors they were working on. Sour cream and onion? Maybe a malt vinegar to mimic fish and chips? Whatever they produce next, I’ll be buying. The quality of the first five has guaranteed my trying the next five.

Looking for other bacon oriented novelties? How about Bacon Mints? They taste exactly like they sound and no pigs were hurt in the making of this product. They come in a tin, similar to an undersized altoid box, that is redolent with the aroma of smoke. If you are looking for something to finish off your guests meal after your next BBQ, give these a try.

Have a lot of kids attending your next pig roast? Why not offer up some gummy bacon? They lack the flavor of raw bacon, but make up for that with the taste of strawberry. Close enough in appearance to disgust friends as you seem to enjoy uncooked bacon, this product is tasty enough to enjoy while gross enough to have the kids asking for more.


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