Friday, July 17, 2009

Review: Gold Rush Jerky - Mild

Gold Rush Beef Jerky – Mild

Manufacturer: Toxic Tommy

Flavor: Mild

Weight: 3.5 oz.


Flavor: **** 4

Aroma: *** 3.5

Texture: *** 3.5

Appearance: **** 4

Packaging: *** 3.5

Ratings range from 1 to 5

Gold Rush Mild jerky comes in a transparent, wide plastic package that allows clear visibility of the product. The label is black with white lettering and has a logo depicting a gold miner. The packaging is professional in appearance but not overly distinctive.

Like the taste, the aroma of Gold Rush Mild Jerky does justice to the title. Although the aroma isn’t strong, you pick up the meat and spices. Unlike some teriyaki jerky products, you don’t pick up a sweet aroma, even though sugar is the third ingredient.

The texture of the jerky is excellent. Unlike some of its competitors, Gold Rush Jerky doesn’t seem designed to rip your molars from your mouth as you are eating. While malleable, the jerky offers enough texture to require strong chewing without becoming overbearing.

As with the other Gold Rush jerky products, the mild version had a wide variety in the width, thickness and lengths of the meat in the package. I’m not sure why this is, but it offers the jerky a more rustic and less processed feel than many of its competitors.

Mild should not be confused with bland. The jerky has a great taste and its lack of a dominant flavor profile allows for the enjoyment of subtlety, something that is often missing in spicier jerkies. I’m not a fan of MSG (the fourth ingredient), but it’s hard to argue with its success here.

If you have someone in your family that shies away from heat, this is the product for them. While maintaining the same quality as the other Gold Rush products, the mild variety appeals strongly to those that prefer nuance to strength.


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