Monday, July 27, 2009

Reviews: Mountain Man Chipotle BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce of the Month Club

Mountain Man Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Manufacturer Sauce Crafters

Quality *** (3 out of 5)
Viscosity **** (4 out of 5) This is a measure of thickness, not quality
Aroma *** (3 out of 5)
Appearance *** (3 out of 5)
Packaging **** (4 out of 5)

Made by the same company as Charley’s Hard Times Honey Mustard Sauce and the Fork and Halo series of sauces, this product falls rather naturally into their purview. It has a low entry barrier when it comes to price (as does the ‘Hard Times’ sauce) and basic flavor, while it has the heat that Sauce Crafters is known for.

The sauce comes in a standard, but sturdy glass bottle. Although the sauce is thick, it pours fairly easily. A rich red in coloring, the sauce is fairly opaque. Specks of pepper can be seen, offering a bit of visual differentiation.

The aroma is mostly ketchup with hints of the vinegar and heat to come. It’s a good indicator of the flavor, highlighting the three main components; heat, tomato and sweet.

Better than average, but not by much; this sauce would have a quotidian blandness if it wasn’t for the addition of the heat. Oddly, there is no inclusion of chipotle in the list of ingredients.

There is really no nuance here. The sweetness has no fruit base, the heat has no tartness. No surprises await you here. Unfortunately, that comes across as a criticism. It’s not intended to criticize, but to highlight where the sauce could have been better.

Taken in and of itself, this is a solid effort by a company that has earned my respect. I enjoyed the sauce and wouldn’t have a problem using it on anything but poultry. The flavors are fairly bold and would probably be best on beef or pork.

Would I go out and buy more when this bottle is empty? No. Will I continue to look forward to releases by Sauce Crafters? Absolutely.

Repeated from our first BBQ Sauce of the Month review:

The BBQ Sauce of the Month Club sends its constituents 2 sauces every month. The cost for a one year membership comes out to roughly $9.00 a bottle and that includes shipping. For quality sauces that are difficult to find elsewhere, it seems like a bargain. In early July I will have had enough of a sample to comment knowledgeably on their shipping.

Along with the sauce there is a brief newsletter that talks about the current months selections. The sauces arrive well packed in a cardboard box. Their site (see above for link) claims that they test dozens of sauces a month (at a minimum). This volume would seem to allow them room for selectivity.

Aside from delivery to your door and the screening by their tasters, you also have the benefit of receiving a discount on purchases of sauces that you particularly like and would enjoy more of. It seems that the discount varies, but the courteous salesperson I spoke with when enquiring said that they would be happy to let a member know what the discount would be if they gave them a call (see above for phone number).


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