Monday, August 10, 2009

Review: Frank's Red Hot Steak Strips

Frank's Red Hot Chile 'n Lime Steak Strips

Manufacturer: Thanasi Foods LLC

Flavor: Chile 'n Lime

Weight: 3.15 oz.


Flavor: ***** 5

Aroma: *** 3.5

Texture: **** 4.0

Appearance: ***3

Packaging: **** 4.0

Ratings range from 1 to 5

Let me tell you a brief story. I had spent the weekend at some friends house. I arrived a day early for a party and helped prepare the food and left a day after the party. As these things go, we prepared way too much food. A bacchanalian feast was had by all and upon our satiation we lay about, limbs akimbo. The next day we indulged upon leftovers. Way too many leftovers. I returned home with a friend and en route to his home I offered him a piece of these Chile 'n Lime Steak Strips. Although we were already suffering the soporific effects of having all of our blood pooled to the stomach to digest much BBQ, we couldn't stop eating this jerky (or 'steak strips'). This stuff is so good it should come with a warning label.

Thanasi is the same company that makes the Bigs sunflower seeds we recently reviewed. It's nice to see that they are maintaining the level of quality across product lines.

The 'steak strips' are moist and chewy while still being malleable enough to eat without difficulty. They come in a sizeable, very attractive bag that is printed in full four color. The bag is resealable, but that is hardly needed. If you are eating these with anyone else they will be gone soon after the bag is opened.

The size of the strips vary in width, length and depth. They have a very rich, red coloring that is common in jerky. The aroma is fairly mild, with hints of the lime, but not much of the chile.

The first thing that you notice when you take a bite is the lime. It is a strong presence that pops immediately. As someone that enjoys heat in my food, I was initially disappointed, wondering where the chile was. And then it hit. Long after the other flavors dissipate, the heat and flavor of the chile dance along the taste buds. On a scale of one to ten for heat, I would give it a three, but what a three it is. Durable with excellent flavor, the steak strips have a separation of flavors that offers both variation and surprise.

I very rarely award a five for flavor, but this was well deserved.


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